‘I want to reveal their truths’…Shayle Flesser’s exhibition ‘New Skin’.

Over the summer break we’ll be previewing some new works at local Galleries. The first of these is Shayle Flesser whose exhibition ‘New Skin’ is on at Tweed River Regional Art Gallery until 29 January 2012. Further details of about the show and visiting the Gallery are available here.


'Woman with Coyote' 56cm x 76cm Pigmented ink and biro on 300gsm Fabriano 2011


[Image courtesy the artist – Photography by Andrew Thurtell of Thurtell Photography]

‘For this project I have drawn, washed, sanded and scratched a series of drawings which engages both public and private conditions.  The combination of imagery within the body of work is intended to explore the complex relationships both between humans and animals, and between different times and cultures. The re-examining of these subjects is to allow them once again to have meaning. I adore my subjects – I want to reveal their truths. I hope this will benefit my (and others’) sense of self.‘ Shayle Flesser

For further details:

Shayle Flesser

Lorraine Pilgrim