Mikala Dwyer ‘Drawing Down the Moon’ at Brisbane’s Institute of Modern Art.

“Last weekend the new exhibition Contemporary Australia: Women featuring more than 50 contemporary female artists opened at the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) in Brisbane. Meanwhile just across the river and not-too-far down the road in Brunswick Street, a solo exhibition and ‘mini retrospective’ by one of Australia’s better known contemporary artists, Mikala Dwyer, has recently wound up at the Institute of Modern Art (IMA)…”

Read the full review of Mikala Dwyer’s ‘Drawing Down the Moon’ at The Art Life.


Mikala Dwyer 'Moon 2009'. Appliqued banner.


[Image used with permission from Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery].


To Pin & grin or copy right?

If you’re into social media you’re probably already heard about the new platform called ‘Pinterest’. ‘Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web’. But there’s a proviso …and it’s called copyright.

Read my article about Pinterest, art, artists and copyright (and Italian Vanity Fair!) at The Art Life.

Italian 'Vanity Fair' cover with Victoria Reichelt's 'Self Portrait' oil on linen

[Image courtesy of the artist].

‘How tweet it is…’

Last week a friend asked me who were the most interesting people in Australian art to follow on twitter. While attempting to make a list from those I’m following, I realised Peerindex could do all the work for me. It also ranks tweeters according to their social ‘influence’.

I’ve now made my Top 200+ ‘Australia: Visual Arts’ peerindex list public so anyone can view it.

If I’ve missed you let me know (@followolff) and I’ll add you to the group.

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