The Age of Aquarius? Kylie Banyard at Galerie pompom…

“…at Galerie pompom, artist and COFA final year PhD student Kylie Banyard is currently exhibiting her solo show ‘Dwelling’. Galerie pompom is a compact and friendly space. It already seems as if it’s already an important part of the neighbourhood with passers by popping in. As you may have already guessed from the title of the show, spaces (and places) are very important to Banyard whose PhD thesis ‘explores the convergence of two figurations of the outmoded within [her] practice-based research, namely, specific optical viewing devices and the alternative social model of the hippy/artist’s commune.’”

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Kylie Banyard ‘So This is Freetown’ 2012 oil on linen, found kaleidoscope, steel, enamel paint, 60 x 76 cm, stand height: 150 cm

[Image courtesy the artist and Galerie Pompom, Sydney].