Everything I Want to be When I Grow Up…

“In 2010 Borland gathered together some props and rang a couple of friends to shoot the images for Smudge. She prepares beforehand although the dressing up and poses are playful and usually quite spontaneous. Although it’s not really evident from the photos, one of her subjects was her good friend, Nick Cave, who apparently doesn’t like to have his photo taken. Borland told him she was interested in his shape and angular features and not his celebrity, or his face…”

Read the full review of photographer Polly Borland’s exhibition Everything I Want to be When I Grow Up at The Art Life.

Polly Borland, Untitled (Nick cave in a blue wig) 2010, type C photograph
210 x 160 cm approx

[Image reproduced courtesy of the artist © Polly Borland and Murray White Room, Melbourne].