Margaret Olley Art Centre – a very crowded house!

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by The Guardian Australia to write a preview on the soon-to-open Margaret Olley Art Centre. The Centre provides a home for the studio of the late Australian artist Margaret Olley (1923 – 2011) – a space that’s incredibly been recreated at Tweed Regional Gallery in Murwillumbah.

I also spoke to Australian artist, Ben Quilty, a friend of the late artist about her life in art. Read the full story in The Guardian.

The photograph below was taken of Margaret Olley’s original home in Paddington by another of her friends, Steven Alderton.

Steven Alderton, Early Morning at Margaret Olley's Home 2011 [digital print on archival paper 158.85cm x 67.5cm] Copyright: Steven Alderton
Steven Alderton, Early Morning at Margaret Olley’s Home 2011 [digital print on archival paper 158.85cm x 67.5cm] Copyright: Steven Alderton

‘The Chairs’: Try sitting on Louis, Carol or Henry…

On Tuesday I stumbled into an exhibition in Sydney with the title ‘The Chairs’. Yan Fletcher and Josh Murray (who met via facebook a few years ago) have collaborated to bring their respective talents of design and drawing to this show.

Beginning with a chair discarded by the road or purchased on ebay, Yan takes each chair and interprets it in its most simple form – in charcoal on paper. Josh then goes about the restoration process using materials that keep the original character but add some personality and a dose of quirkiness to each one-off piece. High gloss black paint, grey felt upholstery and pieces of natural leather are over-stitched to make ‘corsets’ for the chairs. It all started with Louis (a Louis XV salon chair) and now Bentley, Henry, Belle, Greaney and Carol have joined the bunch.

See them all on the joshandlouis website or visit them in person at Depot II Gallery at 2 Danks Street, Waterloo before the exhibition closes on 3 March 2012.

[Image courtesy Josh Murray at].

Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox ‘For Everyone: Words & Paintings’ Book Launch & Exhibition.

Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox launches her new book ‘For Everyone: Words & Paintings’ at FireWorks Gallery in Brisbane this Thursday 23 February. An exhibition of 30 original paintings from the book will also be on show at the Gallery. ‘Asleep’, one of the images from the book, together with the accompanying prose appears below.

Full details of the launch and the book can be found on Kathryn’s blog.


[Image courtesy of the artist].

Why did the slow tortoise and the fast hare race each other?
Steady wins the race, so the moral goes.
But, do mismatched races benefit anyone?

[From ‘For Everyone: Words and Paintings’ K. Brimblecombe-Fox]



‘I want to reveal their truths’…Shayle Flesser’s exhibition ‘New Skin’.

Over the summer break we’ll be previewing some new works at local Galleries. The first of these is Shayle Flesser whose exhibition ‘New Skin’ is on at Tweed River Regional Art Gallery until 29 January 2012. Further details of about the show and visiting the Gallery are available here.


'Woman with Coyote' 56cm x 76cm Pigmented ink and biro on 300gsm Fabriano 2011


[Image courtesy the artist – Photography by Andrew Thurtell of Thurtell Photography]

‘For this project I have drawn, washed, sanded and scratched a series of drawings which engages both public and private conditions.  The combination of imagery within the body of work is intended to explore the complex relationships both between humans and animals, and between different times and cultures. The re-examining of these subjects is to allow them once again to have meaning. I adore my subjects – I want to reveal their truths. I hope this will benefit my (and others’) sense of self.‘ Shayle Flesser

For further details:

Shayle Flesser

Lorraine Pilgrim


Tom Polo in Brisbane this week: ‘One bad painting…’

According to one of Tom Polo’s 2011 text based art works shown earlier this year at Grant Pirrie in Sydney ‘Somebody once told me that even one bad painting in an exhibition will stop people remembering an otherwise stellar show‘. Fortunately, there are no bad paintings in this exhibition.

Tom’s work (presented in Brisbane by Diagram Artist Run Initiative) appears in the window space at Ryan Renshaw Gallery this week – opening Friday night 18 November. Shows by Nicholas Folland ‘Domestic Distractions‘ and Laith McGregor ‘Spook’, open at the Gallery the same night.

”][Image courtesy the artist and Diagram ARI]

Exhibition preview: Wild Soles.

A little preview of new sculptural and photographic works by Gold Coast artist Mari Hirata in the exhibition ‘Wild Soles’…

'The Beauty and the Pain'

My 2010 interview with Mari for Lucida Magazine (Queensland Centre for Photography).

The show opens Friday 14 October 2011 at Retrospect Galleries Queensland (Broadbeach) at 6pm.