Interview with Victoria Reichelt: Objects in Danger.

Victoria Reichelt is a young Queensland painter and a member of the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council. I recently had a chat to Victoria in her Queensland studio…

“The first book painting I did was a painting of a lone book on a canvas, and then I made works with a few books on a white background, and then I started to paint whole bookshelves, portraits of people through their bookshelves, books flying through the air, piles of books & magazines, and now I am painting the interiors of public library spaces. It started as a focus on individual objects (and their histories and narratives) but it has really taken some very different paths that have lead me to the big library interiors…”

Read the full interview: ‘Victoria Reichelt |Objects in Danger’ at The Art Life.

[Image courtesy Victoria Reichelt and Dianne Tanzer Gallery, Melbourne].

Stocking Stuffers – my top 10 ‘great art things’ of 2011…

This year has disappeared way too fast so it’s good to look back just a little and see what was worth remembering.

Here are my Top 10 ‘Great Art Things’ written for The Art Life where you can also read favourites from Carrie Miller and Andrew Frost.

Hobie Porter 'In Search of Arcadia' 201, Oil on Polyester canvas 43cm x 43cm

[Photograph: Courtesy of the artist, Hobie Porter]