My ’10 great art things’ of 2011:

Stocking Stuffers Part 2

An Interview with artist & sculptor Lionel Bawden about his new exhibition ‘Pattern Spill’:

Exploring Pattern

‘Nothing Like Performance’ at Artspace in Sydney – artists: Matthew Bradley, Lauren Brincat, Paul Donald, Will French, Yiorgos Zafiriou and Brown Council:

Confidence, excitement, trepidation, annoyance and boredom…

Review of Marina Strocchi at Jan Murphy in Brisbane:

North + South

Alexander Seton at Sullivan + Strumpf:

Put Out More Flags

Robyn Sweaney at Anthea Polson Art Gallery:

A Platform for Legends

Three Brisbane shows in October 2011. Lincoln Austin @Andrew Baker, Jason Fitzgerald @Jan Murphy, Kate Tucker @Edwina Corlette:


Lucy Griggs at Milani Gallery:

The Republic of Bees

Interview with Eric Bridgeman, photographer:

Eric Bridgeman

Apps for Mobile Devices Part 3:

More Art Apps

Group show at Nine Lives Gallery Brisbane (Artists: Kylie Spear, Ellie Anderson, Dord Burrough, Dan Ford):

Three Winter Coats and a Dirty Knife

Discussion of Splendid Arts Lab Think Tank:

What a Splendid Idea: 10 think tank thoughts

Review of the Bilbao Guggenheim (Artists: Fujiko Nakaya, Jeff Koons, Richard Serra, Jenny Holzer, Jim Dine):

Postcard from Bilbao

James Cousins at Ryan Renshaw Gallery:

Blue flowers

Dennis Nona at Andrew Baker Gallery:

Malu Sara – Deep Sea Tern

Group show at Jan Manton Gallery (Artists: Krista Berga, Daniel Mafe, Judith Wright):

Drawn to abstraction

Doug Bartlett at Retrospect Galleries Gold Coast:

Double Extra Super

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For stories from 2012 click here.

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